Making the Case for Outsourced WiFi for Business

Today’s IT staffs face a challenging network environment. Because so many factors impact network performance, businesses must invest significantly in management and monitoring tools – and staff skilled IT professionals to operate them – if they want to maintain an in-house wireless network.

Even if your staff is well-versed in managing wired networks, wireless networks present a whole new set of challenges. Things like radio frequency (RF) interference, security, standards adherence and other factors not present in wired network configurations add more complexity to network management.

Like other voice and data services, businesses have the opportunity to outsource their wireless network management. Service providers specializing in managed wireless LAN (WLAN) understand the challenges of wireless technologies. A proven provider of managed services can improve performance, coverage and availability of your wireless network.

Without a capital investment in wireless network equipment, you can enlist a professional technology company to provide the technical expertise, industry best practices and advanced tools to keep your wireless network running at peak performance. You pay a monthly service fee to offload the headaches of keeping up with wireless technologies and ensuring your network is scalability, secure and reliable.

To learn more about wireless LAN solutions, download FairPoint Communications’ latest white paper titled “How Managed Wireless LAN Solutions Transform Business Operations.”

Bob is the Product Manager responsible for Hosted PBX at FairPoint Communications, a leading provider of advanced communications technology in northern New England and 14 other states across the U.S.