Cloud Contact Center Solutions: Providing Monitoring & Control to Ensure Quality

To ensure high quality customer service with every customer interaction, Cloud Contact Center solutions must come equipped with advanced monitoring and control capabilities. Features, such as call monitoring, call recording, whisper coaching and barge help you improve agent performance, keep customers happy and maintain the necessary quality levels.

By monitoring a phone call, you can hear how an agent is handling a customer situation in real-time, and provide constructive feedback to help agents improve their techniques.

Used by both supervisors and agents, call recording has numerous applications. It’s a great tool for supervisors to ensure the quality assurance program is being followed. Call recording also produces valuable information for training programs. Depending on the Cloud Contact Center system, you may be able to record specific agents, all agents, random agents, certain campaigns or customize your recording parameters.

In addition, agents have the ability to record calls on demand. This feature comes in handy if an agent needs to verify a sales order placed over the phone or have proof of an agreed upon resolution to an issue.

Other Cloud Contact Center system tools to monitor and control quality include whisper coaching and barge. Whisper coaching allows you to give pointers to an agent while he or she is on a call without the customer hearing your comments. The immediate nature of this feedback improves the customer experience and helps hone the agent’s skills.

With barge, both parties on the call hear the supervisor’s feedback, turning the call into a three-way conversation among customer, agent and supervisor.

The tools provided by a Cloud Contact Center solution for monitoring service levels can have a tremendous impact on your business. By continually creating better customer experiences, you’re building brand loyalty that can boost your bottom line.

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