Are You Making the Most of Your Services?

Whether you are using the Internet for your home or business, there are some simple and affordable ways to get the most out of your service. We’ve compiled this helpful list of home and business products with their benefits as a quick guide.

  1. Add a Second Internet Connection

When you’re looking to boost your bandwidth, your first thought may be to call for the highest speeds available in your area. But there’s another option you might not have considered. For many people, adding a second Internet connection can also be a cost-effective way to accommodate your network demand between multiple devices, multiple users and ever growing Internet needs.

Home: Adding a second Internet connection is a great idea for families who have a lot of devices or who may want to split the network load between parents and children. A second connection can also be used to create a separate network for your guests. And it’s perfect for people who work from home occasionally and don’t want to get slowed down by other users.

Business: Having a second Internet connection for your business offers a variety benefits, whether you’re in an office or work from home. You can split your network usage between front-of-store activities and back office Internet tasks. You can offer your customers their own guest network, or you can run security services on a separate line – this all saves bandwidth for essential online business activities.

Find out more about adding a second connection for your home at 866-984-2001 or for your business at 866-984-3001.

  1. Sign up for additional Tech Support

For those of us who are a little less tech savvy, having the helping hand of a professional can be a relief. When it comes to getting to the bottom of connection issues and network questions, we’ve got you covered with standard 24/7 support. But what about your connected devices and the rest of your network? We have a solution for that too – whether you need help with something as simple as streaming a movie or as important as making sure your business is up and running.

Home: FairPoint offers Residential Premium Technical Support for your home network and your connected, supported devices. It doesn’t matter if it’s a nagging slow computer, or if you can’t seem to get your new printer working, or even if you’re having trouble configuring your kid’s Play Station.®

Business: FairPoint’s Premium Technical Support for Business is designed for small businesses who can’t afford a large IT staff, but who need occasional help with IT support for employees. Our experts can assist with issues like wireless connectivity for printers and Bluetooth® connections, smartphone to laptop synching, simple installation of devices such as scanner/printers (remotely), PC/Laptop clean-ups or virus/malware cleansing.Call to learn more about Premium Technical Support.

For more information about Technical Supportfor your home, call 866-984-2001 or for your business, call 866-984-3001.

  1. Always Consider Bundled Services

Everyone likes to save money and bundling services can be a great way to do it.

Home: When you are looking to bundle services for your home, it’s important to look at your current service to see if you are receiving the appropriate level of service and the products you need. Consider combining your land line telephone service with Internet service to save money. And, through our partnership with DirecTV, FairPoint also offers television service that can be added for additional savings on all your services – just be sure to ask questions and review your usage habits.

Business: On the business side, there are many bundling options available to combine services, maximize your bandwidth, reduce costs and be more efficient. Price, speed and network availability are the top considerations on many business owner’s minds – and they should be. The number of Internet users, devices and the kinds of web activities can all impact your Internet speeds. Call FairPoint to make sure you are bundling the services you need at the price that makes sense for your business budget.

If the Internet is an important part of your home or business, you can count on FairPoint to deliver affordable add-ons to help you save money, as well as optimize your network. If you have any questions, please call residential customer service at 866-984-2001 and small business services at 866-984-3001.

Timothy S. Burns

Vice President Customer Care.