10 Reasons to Upgrade Your Business WLAN

Do you want to get the most from your business wireless LAN (WLAN)? If so, you need to consider these 10 reasons for managed business WLAN solutions:

  1. Cloud-Based Management

Cloud management gives you seamless mobility across all of your business locations. Through the cloud, you can control wireless access points anywhere in the network. You’re also able to monitor and trouble-shoot access points without having to be present at each location.

  1. Upgrade Protection

Future network expansions will increasingly require wireless capabilities. So, migrating to a managed business WLAN solution sooner rather than later makes sense for many businesses. You avoid technological obsolescence and eliminate the forklift upgrades often required every three to five years with traditional WiFi networks. Managed business WLAN solutions make future upgrades easy, affordable and help your company leverage the latest technologies.

  1. Scalability

Being able to scale your network as needed is one of the major benefits of managed business WLAN solutions. Because the solution is software-driven, you can add and support thousands of access points and users anywhere in the world.

  1. Endpoint Security

In traditional WiFi networks, a centralized, physical controller can be a prime area of concern. Two major vulnerabilities exist. First, it provides a convenient point for hackers to intercept traffic. Second, potentially harmful traffic enters the LAN through the access point and is discarded only after it reaches the controller.

In a cloud-based, managed WLAN, the centralized physical controller doesn’t exist. This solution provides built-in firewalls to keep dangerous traffic out of the network, maintains data sessions on the LAN, and centralizes control traffic in the data center.

  1. Reliability

Cloud-based WLANs can improve the reliability of your wireless network. When you eliminate the hardware controller, management and control functions are separated. So, centralized management creates no single points of failure and allows you to eliminate data bottlenecks. This separation of control and data planes means any interruption in the control plane does not affect user connectivity. If a failover takes place, you’ll experience zero packet loss to any of the data sessions.

  1. Lower Costs

Anytime you remove physical hardware, such as the controller and network cabling, you can potentially reduce capital costs and your total cost of ownership (TCO). Simplified configuration and management can also lead to better cost efficiencies.

In addition to investments in equipment, a managed business WLAN eliminates in-house management, monitoring and maintenance. You won’t need to dedicate IT staffing resources to these tasks. Leveraging a service provider’s infrastructure and staffing experts reduces the cost of operating a business WLAN. Because many plans offer a monthly subscription model, a managed wireless LAN also shifts capital expenditures to operating expenditures.

  1. Greater Simplicity

Because no hardware controller exists in a cloud-based WLAN, the solution is simpler by design. As a result, the administrator and user experience is streamlined. Centralization means you can control wireless access points across many locations around the globe, as well as troubleshoot without having to travel.

  1. Feature-Rich

Although solutions can vary among providers, cloud-based WLANs typically offer robust capabilities. These networks can support high-bandwidth applications and access devices, including video streaming, Voice over IP and IP surveillance.

In addition, managed WLANs allow you to support Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiatives.

  1. Productivity

Managed business WLANs let you free workers from their desks. They can be productive from a variety of locations, including their desktop, the lunch room, or a conference room.

  1. Better Focus

When you off-load the management of your business WLAN to a service provider, you and your team can concentrate on core initiatives. You spend your time and energy accomplishing your corporate goals and achieving your firm’s mission instead of dealing with day-to-day wireless connectivity issues.

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Bob is the Product Manager responsible for Hosted PBX at FairPoint Communications, a leading provider of advanced communications technology in northern New England and 14 other states across the U.S.