Tips to Help You Optimize Your Home or Business Network

No matter what you’re using the Internet for; you want your internet connection performing at the top available speed. Whether it’s your home or your business network, you can use these quick tips to make sure you’re getting what you pay for when it comes to download and upload speeds. Start with an Internet connection speed test to determine what may need to be done to improve your connection. Then take a look at these simple suggestions to get the internet speed you need.


  1. Use micro filters on the line from the wall jack to your computer and phone. Make sure you’re using filters on the line from your wall jack to your computer and phone. Filters keep the signal strong and can reduce unwanted noise that can interfere with DSL or voice connections.
  1. Use the wall jack that is closest to where the telephone line enters your home to plug in your modem. DSL performance issues can be improved by using the jack closest to the line entry point for the strongest connection.
  1. Make sure your modem is not connected near any other large electronic device. Other devices create interference with your DSL signal, so make sure your modem isn’t in the same vicinity. That includes wireless and cell phone chargers.
  1. Make sure your Wireless Access Point (WAP) is secure. Using an unsecured network allows anyone to access your connection, which can have a huge impact in your network speed. Password protecting your WAP increases security and can improve speed immediately.


  1. Run a TCP/IP optimizer software tool. The TCP Optimizer is a free, easy Windows program that provides a simple process for tuning and optimizing your Internet connection.
  1. Update your firmware or get a new modem. If you have a modem that is more than a couple years old, simply ask your Internet provider for updated equipment. Fees are typically waived, and if not, are minimal. You could experience a boost in speed as well as connectivity.
  1. Check your modem parameters. You can do this by calling your internet service provider. Make sure the maximum allowable speeds on your modem match your service plan.
  1. Consider a download manager. If you are a business that frequently downloads, you can save time and optimize the process with a download manager. These programs make downloading files faster and easier by organizing and scheduling your downloads, especially for large files. It’s great for businesses that operate in rural areas.

If you have any questions about your home or business Internet, visit the FAQ section on our website. If you’re interested in upgrading your current service, call the Residential Call Center at 1-866-984-2001 or the Small Business Center at 1-866-984-3001.

Director, Product Management, FairPoint Communications. Keith has more than 15 years of product management experience. At FairPoint, he oversees the team of product managers for FairPoint’s consumer and small business Internet and Voice solutions. His experience also includes overseeing FairPoint’s suite of Advanced Business Services, which include Managed Services, Ethernet, SIP Trunking and Customer Portals. Before joining FairPoint, Keith was a product manager at AT&T for IP Circuits and VoIP.