Hosted Business VoIP

The Phone Continues as a Must-Have Communication Tool

Although online communication technologies such as social media may get much of the attention today, the office phone remains the number one channel for conducting business. When you have an actual conversation, either handset-to-handset between you and another person or among many participants on a conference call, you can clarify thoughts and build relationships.

Many studies report the office telephone continues to be the most popular communication method for customer service – even when email, social media, and live chat options are available. Zendesk, a customer service software company, based in San Francisco, conducted a study that found phone-based customer service isn’t declining, even as text-based and social channel usage has increased. According to the study, customers still rely heavily on the phone:

  • If an email goes unanswered, 71% of respondents said they would then call.
  • If social media communications get no response, 55% of participants would then call.
  • If a phone call goes answered, 54% will place another call.

Voice over IP (VoIP) technology has advanced phone communications beyond what companies could have imagined just a few years ago. By integrating voice with data, VoIP technology allows your phone calls to transmit over data networks, increasing efficiencies and reducing costs.

Hosted business VoIP solutions provide even greater benefits for companies of all sizes. No longer do you need to house sophisticated hardware and software on-premises. Partnering with a hosted VoIP service provider allows your organization to access a flexible, feature-rich phone system at an affordable monthly rate.

How Hosted Business VoIP Transforms Company Communications

With its wide range of capabilities, hosted business VoIP makes sense for many companies. The most transformative benefits include:

  • Cost Advantages – Saving on initial capital expenditures continues to be the premier benefit highlighted for hosted business VoIP. You can replace significant capital investment in on-premises, phone system equipment with a lower monthly operating expense. This predictable monthly cost simplifies budgeting.With hosted business VoIP, your business can realize certain savings involving IT personnel, equipment purchases, maintenance costs and repair costs. These reductions may lead to a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for a hosted VoIP solution. Hosted solutions transfer a significant portion of the operational costs to the service provider.
  • Advanced Features – With a sophisticated hosted business VoIP solution, your company gains powerful features that strengthen business performance. Some of the most impactful capabilities include:
    • Disaster Recovery – Access company information from the cloud during a natural or human-caused disaster.
    • Hot Desking and Call Routing – Improve accessibility while away from the office and ensure you never miss a call.
    • Voicemail to Email Transcription – Get the first 45 seconds of your voicemail translated to text and forwarded to your email account.
    • Custom Messages/Music on Hold – Connect with callers and create a professional image.
    • Reporting – Generate information in detailed reports that aids decision-making.
    • Call Screening – Exercise control over accepting and rejecting calls.
    • Coaching Tools – Sharpen employee skills to provide higher levels of customer service.
    • Auto-Attendants – Provide consistent and efficient call handling by allowing callers to interact with a customized menu.
    • Conferencing – Conduct formal or informal business meetings among multiple users.
    • Manage Call Preferences – Improve productivity with features like do not disturb, call rejection, and call forwarding.
  • Integration with Other Business Systems – You can save and analyze call data and deliver it to front- or back-end business applications. Integrating a flexible VoIP phone system into your sales, marketing, and general business initiatives at a software level provides a broad range of capabilities.Hosted business VoIP solutions can draw from customer relationship management (CRM) software to improve service. On incoming calls, VoIP technology enables the caller’s information stored in databases to “pop” to the screen before the call gets answered. Your customer service reps can deliver personal, responsive, and efficient service on every call.
  • Avoid Technological Obsolescence – If your business invests capital in an on-premises solution, even if it is VoIP-based, you must anticipate your future requirements. Communications technologies continue to evolve rapidly. So, the solution that meets your current needs and budget may not do so in the future.By working with an experienced hosted business VoIP provider, your company can keep pace with new technologies without having to make significant capital investments.

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