What is PBX Service in a Hosted Environment?

What is private branch exchange (PBX) service in a hosted environment? Simply put, it’s the virtual equivalent of the traditional, equipment-based business phone system. A hosted PBX service connects employees to each other and the public switched telephone network (PSTN).

Rather than residing on-premises at a business location, hosted PBX equipment is housed at a service provider’s data center. In a hosted environment, the service provider handles all configuration and maintenance of the hardware and software.

Employees in geographically dispersed locations can place calls to each other without incurring long-distance charges. Employees basically dial an extension number to reach another company location, bypassing the PSTN altogether.

Also, employees within the company share phone lines. Unlike traditional PSTN-based phone systems, you can eliminate the need to configure a dedicated phone line for each employee. These hosted PBX capabilities can potentially save you a significant amount of money.

In a hosted PBX model, you may have to purchase or lease special desktop phones. These Internet Protocol (IP) phones provide compatibility with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services. In many cases, the IP phone investment may be the only equipment cost you incur.

For many businesses, hosted PBX service is a sound business decision. Not only will you save on initial capital costs, but you will protect your business from unplanned outages. The best service providers will host their VoIP service in an advanced data center facility to ensure your business remains connected, even during a disaster.

Hosted PBX service is a great choice if you expect your business will grow. You no longer have to worry about reaching your phone system’s capacity. Your hosted PBX service provider will handle capacity, performance and configuration of the VoIP system. So, you can scale your requirements as needed easily and affordably with no performance issues. Finally, a hosted PBX service is perfect for supporting branch offices, remote workers and traveling employees.

To learn more about hosted PBX services, download FairPoint Communications’ latest white paper, “Using Hosted PBX to Enable Your Remote Workforce.”

By providing more streamlined, intelligent and cost-efficient solutions, FairPoint Communications helps businesses of any size get the most from their voice applications. FairPoint offers two voice options – Hosted PBX and SIP Trunking. A cloud-based voice service, FairPoint’s Hosted PBX eliminates capital investments in telecommunications equipment. SIP Trunking leverages an organization’s existing on-premises equipment by connecting it to FairPoint’s advanced softswitch network. Both options simplify network requirements, provide access to enhanced features, and lower operational costs.

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Bob is the Product Manager responsible for Hosted PBX at FairPoint Communications, a leading provider of advanced communications technology in northern New England and 14 other states across the U.S.