Cloud Contact Center Systems Provide Coaching Tools for Employee Training

Companies of all sizes must ensure their employees are performing at the highest levels and working together to accomplish the business’ strategic initiatives. Fortunately, technological advancements, such as Hosted PBX systems with cloud-based contact center systems, can help.

Today’s hosted phone solutions are equipped with sophisticated coaching tools within the cloud contact system. These tools help sharpen employee skill sets to provide exceptional customer service. When your employees know how to meet customer requirements and adhere to company guidelines, your business is better positioned for success.

The Essential Coaching Tools Available with Cloud Contact Center Systems

The goal of coaching tools within a Cloud Contact Center system is to provide employees with real-time feedback and training. It’s much more effective to provide advice while an employee is on a call rather than after they hang up.

The features most helpful in training and monitoring phone performance include the following:

  • Whisper Coaching – You can be on the phone line with an employee while he or she is talking with a customer. During the conversation, you can give the employee tips and advice without the customer knowing. But most importantly, you can give immediate feedback and help the employee become more effective while the call is underway.
  • Monitoring – You can listen to a phone conversation between an employee and customer while the call is in progress. While you’re on the call, you’re a passive listener and don’t interrupt the conversation. You can decide whether to let the employee know you’re listening.
  • Barge – This feature is the same as monitoring, except both the employee and customer hear your input. After you “barge” into the call, you actively participate in the conversation.
  • Call Recording – Today, when calling into a customer service department, it’s common to hear a message saying “this call may be monitored and recorded for training purposes.” Recording phone conversations between employees and customers, and replaying them in training sessions, is a great way to coach an entire staff.

Coaching tools within Cloud Contact Center systems provide valuable training during and after a call. Offering this assistance shortens the learning curve and helps quickly boost employee performance.

To learn more about Cloud Contact Center systems, download FairPoint Communications’ latest white paper titled “No Hardware: Making the Case for a Cloud Contact Center.

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