3 Benefits of Hot Desking and Call Routing in a Hosted Private Branch Exchange (PBX)

Using the functionality of a Hosted Private Branch Exchange, or PBX, businesses can ensure their employees never miss an important call. Features such as hot desking and call routing provide maximum flexibility and accessibility, especially for mobile workers.

Hot Desking

In a Hosted PBX environment, multiple offices are connected seamlessly together as one phone system. Using the hot desking feature, a traveling employee can turn any phone in a connected office into their personal extension. Entering your username and password allows all calls to their assigned extension to ring on that phone and your settings to follow you.

Call Routing

Hosted PBX solutions offer sophisticated call routing features. FairPoint’s Hosted PBX is an Internet Protocol-based voice and unified communications application that provides organizations the flexibility and mobility to help simplify operations and improve productivity. This Voice over IP (VoIP) solution offers a powerful, dedicated, feature-rich voice and data connection without the costs or challenges of having to install and maintain an on-site, customer-owned phone system.

For example, “find me” or “follow me” services allow you to create a list of numbers that incoming calls can be routed to before being sent to voicemail.

SimRing (Simultaneous Ring) rings all your phones at once so you can answer on the device that’s most convenient to you.

3 High-Level Benefits

Leveraging the hot desking and call routing functions of a Hosted Private Branch Exchange provides meaningful business benefits, including:

  1. Streamlined Communication – If you have staff who regularly travel, telecommute or work in multiple offices, maintaining consistent communication presents challenges. However, using the hot desking and call routing features of a Hosted Private Branch Exchange solves many communication issues.

Calls can be easily routed to employees wherever they’re located. The chances of missing an important call are greatly diminished.

In addition, calls can be transferred anywhere regardless of location – to the receptionist, another employee or an outside number. If you need to transfer an answered call while you’re away from your office, callers don’t have to hang up and make a new call.

  1. Enhanced Customer Service – Your customers will quickly become frustrated if they’re unable to reach a real person when needed. When you leverage hot desking and call routing features, you’re more available to your callers and able to create a positive service image.
  1. Improved Sales Performance – Greater accessibility via phone means your salespeople can respond to prospects in a timely manner. Better contact with potential customers can lead to better sales performance.

By providing more streamlined, intelligent and cost-efficient solutions, FairPoint Communications helps businesses of any size get the most from their voice applications. FairPoint offers two voice options: Hosted PBX and SIP Trunking. A cloud-based voice service, FairPoint’s Hosted PBX eliminates capital investments in telecommunications equipment. SIP Trunking leverages an organization’s existing on-premise equipment by connecting it to FairPoint’s advanced softswitch network. Both options simplify network requirements, provide access to enhanced features and lower operational costs.

For more information on FairPoint Hosted PBX or SIP Trunking solutions, visit http://www.fairpoint.com/enterprise/voice/.

You can also download “10 Things Your Business Can Do With FairPoint Hosted PBX” for additional information.

FairPoint Communications

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