Why Government and Education Organizations Need to Demonstrate the Value of IT Investments

Today’s economic climate creates many budget challenges for all organizations, especially in the government and education (Gov/Ed) sector. As a result, these entities face financial pressures that can limit their IT investments.

However, many technology investments can actually save Gov/Ed organizations money over the long run, as well as help accomplish a number of additional goals. It’s up to IT leaders to make the case for adopting advanced technologies. To justify technology expenditures, they need to provide a comprehensive analysis that clearly communicates the return on investment.

Part of this analysis must also demonstrate the consequences of not making a particular technology investment. For example, how will cost savings, service, productivity, security, transparency and innovation be impacted both with and without the investment? Will the organization be able to accomplish its goals with dated technologies? In other words, what’s the cost of not making the investment?

The responsibility falls on IT managers to convince their institutional leaders that certain technologies provide sound investment opportunities. They must clearly communicate that a number of line items in the IT budget cannot be cut during tough economic times without serious results. And, they need to show how many forward-thinking Gov/Ed organizations have embraced advanced technology services, specifically outsourced data, voice, data center and managed IT services, to generate cost savings and service enhancements.

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Vice President Karen Romano is Vice President, Government and Education at FairPoint Communications, a leading provider of advanced communications technology in northern New England and 14 other states across the U.S.