How Higher Educational Institutions Protect Student Data

Given the many threats that confront higher educational institutions, protecting personal and sensitive data remains an urgent initiative. However, many institutions don’t fully understand the vulnerabilities they face.

For example, some higher educational institutions house their data and equipment on-site in an office closet or back room. These make-shift server rooms often lack the proper power, cooling and security measures. It’s not uncommon to find in-house server rooms open to the public or in high-risk locations.

If you house your student data on-site, you must consider what would happen if your server room flooded, your servers got unplugged accidentally, your air conditioning unit broke down or any other unplanned outage occurred. How long could your institution function without your servers?

Storing data and equipment in-house is not a “free” solution. Maintenance costs, such as power and cooling, continue to rise. In addition, the costs associated with a power outage or a security breach could be staggering.

To provide the highest level of protection for your student data, you must proactively identify all the risks facing your operation. By assessing your current environment, you’ll begin to realize the extent of the threats and vulnerabilities your institution faces.

A data center colocation solution can provide you with a physically secure, hardened environment. It can eliminate many of the costs of maintaining an infrastructure at optimal levels. By partnering with an experienced provider, higher educational institutions can benefit from increased levels of security, accredited processes, the latest data center technologies, hard-to-find expertise and a reliable disaster recovery solution.

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Vice President Karen Romano is Vice President, Government and Education at FairPoint Communications, a leading provider of advanced communications technology in northern New England and 14 other states across the U.S.