The Importance of Staffing the Right IT Talent in a Municipal Data Center

Do you have the required in-house IT talent to manage your municipal data center operation successfully? Your IT professionals represent a huge asset for your local government and provide the foundation for a successful organization. Because of this importance, all organizations will go to great lengths to recruit, hire and retain the best possible staff members.

Staffing IT talent presents unique challenges for municipal governments. For example, salaries of IT professionals are relatively high. In addition, talent for certain IT positions is hard to find.

These two dynamics may place some local governments at a disadvantage compared to large Fortune 500 companies that have substantial resources to offer competitive salaries and attractive benefits. Some municipalities may not be able to match these compensation packages.

Mitigating Risks Associated with IT Talent Acquisition

To minimize operational risks, local governments need the right IT talent to work in their data centers. They also need to be able to staff additional expertise as technology evolves.

To attract data center professionals with the highest qualifications and certifications, municipalities need to allocate adequate budget resources. And, ongoing training programs are needed to ensure personnel are well versed in the latest data center and IT tools, processes and technologies.

Without the appropriate IT expertise, municipal data centers are at risk of being unable to perform at the desired levels. With inadequate IT talent, physical security, efficiency of internal processes, services to customers, systems availability, and more could be jeopardized.

Assess Your Local Government’s Data Center Risk

If you’d like to better understand your municipal government’s level of data center risk, take FairPoint Communications’ “Risk Assessment Questionnaire for Municipalities.” By answering nine multiple-choice questions, you’ll gain helpful insight into your municipality’s risk exposure – high-, medium- or low-risk.

FairPoint Communications’ data centers provide organizations with network connectivity and rack space in physically secure, reliable locations. Municipalities can use this space as primary or secondary data center sites. In addition, data center colocation space can also be employed as an essential part of a comprehensive disaster recovery strategy. FairPoint’s data centers are strictly controlled environments with essential power, cooling, connectivity and physical security features.

For data center colocation services that address your municipal government’s requirements, call FairPoint Data Communications (1.866.984.4001) or visit

Vice President
Karen Romano is Vice President, Government and Education at FairPoint Communications, a leading provider of advanced communications technology in northern New England and 14 other states across the U.S.