Does Your Municipal Data Center Have Access to High-Speed Network Services?

If your municipality’s network services lack advanced features, you may be placing your government functions at risk. Given the virtual and mobile nature of how government business is conducted today, high-speed network services play a vital role.

Every organization – large or small – relies on managing and distributing large amounts of data across multiple locations.  More than ever, organizations are leveraging their data centers to connect people and functions.

A well-rounded data center solution will offer network services for Internet connectivity and site-to-site interconnection. To provide maximum flexibility, the data center operation should be connected to one of the largest networks in the region.

Providing redundant, high-speed connections ensures continuous network availability. However, to maintain the highest availability levels, networks services must be monitored around-the-clock.

Given network services are such a critical element in a data center operation, local governments should carefully analyze whether they’re accessing the best solution. The more robust and flexible the network services are, the better the local government can connect with its employees, citizens, vendors and more.

Assess Your Local Government’s Data Center Risk

If you’d like to better understand your municipal government’s level of data center risk, take FairPoint Communications’ “Risk Assessment Questionnaire for Municipalities.” By answering nine multiple-choice questions, you’ll gain helpful insight into your municipality’s risk exposure – high-, medium- or low-risk.

FairPoint Communications’ data centers provide organizations with network connectivity and rack space in physically secure, reliable locations. Municipalities can use this space as primary or secondary data center sites. In addition, data center colocation space can also be employed as an essential part of a comprehensive disaster recovery strategy. FairPoint’s data centers are strictly controlled environments with essential power, cooling, connectivity and physical security features.

For data center colocation services that address your municipal government’s requirements, call FairPoint Communications (1.866.984.4001) or visit

Vice President
Karen Romano is Vice President, Government and Education at FairPoint Communications, a leading provider of advanced communications technology in northern New England and 14 other states across the U.S.