How Important Is Data Center Power When Selecting a Provider?

The answer is that power continuity is absolutely critical when selecting a data center because one of the main reasons people use third party datacenters is to ensure their equipment stays up, even when there are disruptions that cause power outages.

While this is more easily said than done, many datacenters do it quite well.  The bottom line is that the datacenters need to eliminate single points of failure as the power enters from the street, is switched to the data center colocation area and is routed into the customer’s server.  That requires redundancy on multiple levels including redundant UPSs and PDUs.

In addition, the data center needs to protect the customer in the event power from the street fails.  This is quite common in many areas of the world due to natural causes such as snow storms or non-natural causes such as car accidents.  The data center facility must support a backup generator that can handle the full load of the data center.  When the generator initially turns on, the UPS infrastructure needs to maintain the data center load until the generator is up and running.  In addition, the facility should maintain a fuel supply with the necessary fuel contracts in place to ensure ongoing generator power for weeks.

Power continuity is one of the key benefits of using a data center colocation provider, but you must ensure your provider has taken the necessary steps to ensure your servers are continually powered in the event of equipment failures and power outages.

You can also download our latest infographic, “How to Choose the Right Data Center Provider” for additional information.

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