How Data Center Providers Help CIOs Focus on Their Core Business

The core business of most companies isn’t data center management. So, a business is at a distinct disadvantage when it decides to build and manage an in-house data center facility on its own.

In addition, few companies can afford to hire the expensive resources required to construct and operate a company-owned facility. Even if they could incur the substantial cost, it would be difficult to acquire the same level of expertise as data center providers whose only business is managing data centers.

These outsourced providers are able to focus entirely on the data center operation – selecting the best locations, building the most robust facilities, deploying the right hardware and software solutions, upgrading with new technology as it becomes available, fine-tuning internal processes over time, and more.

You get everything you need to support your IT infrastructure – space, power, cooling, connectivity and physical security – without the major investment required to build a data center. Data center providers also help CIOs focus on their core business initiatives by offering additional capabilities:

  • Personalized Service – The right providers will understand your business and offer solutions to fit your specific requirements. In addition to concentrating on technology and cost capabilities, they pay special attention to the customer experience and the level of service they provide every day. In a data center colocation relationship, your provider becomes a true partner who provides onsite support 24/7. You have the peace-of-mind knowing your needs will be met today and in the future.

Uptime – Nothing can sink a company operation faster than data center outages. Just a few minutes of downtime can result in staggering losses for an organization. In many cases, it’s cost-prohibitive for a company to build the same levels of redundancy, resiliency and availability in an internal data center as a service provider’s facility. CIOs can mitigate the risk of downtime.

  • Upgrades – It’s not only difficult from a budget standpoint to stay current with the latest advancements, it also takes valuable time – time that could be better spent achieving your business goals. Proven data center colocation providers will be well versed in the latest data center advancements and they’ll have sound strategies, as well as appropriate budgets, for implementing them.
  • Flexibility – You want to be sure your current and future requirements will be met. Therefore, data center colocation offers the ability to scale your operations as needed quickly and economically. You simply lease more space whenever you need it.
  • Cost – CIOs are constantly pressured to reduce costs. With data center colocation, you pay a monthly operating expense. You know exactly what you have to budget for every month and don’t have to worry about incurring any unplanned expenses.

These added benefits allow you to spend much less time on managing your data center operation. In fact, you never have to concern yourself with anything related to facility management. By shifting this responsibility to a data center colocation provider, you can focus your time on accomplishing the strategic initiatives of your business.

FairPoint’s data centers provide organizations with network connectivity and rack space in physically secure, reliable locations. Businesses can use this space as primary or secondary data center sites. In addition, data center space can also be employed as an essential part of a comprehensive disaster recovery strategy. FairPoint’s data centers are strictly controlled environments with essential power, cooling, connectivity and physical security features – including continuous video monitoring and keycard access at ingress points.

For data center colocation services that address your remote storage, off-site IT and disaster recovery requirements, call FairPoint Data Center Services (1.866.984.4001) or visit

You can also download our latest infographic, “How to Choose the Right Data Center Provider” for additional information.

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