Five Questions to Ask Your Data Center Colocation Provider RIGHT NOW

Data center colocation service providers continue to offer advanced data center capabilities many businesses cannot afford to deploy themselves. The combination of value added services are hard for companies to ignore. For example, innovative solutions for cooling, power, physical security, on-site amenities – all at a competitive price – are driving an increasing number of businesses to a data center colocation model.

Data center colocation can provide you with a significant strategic advantage. You’ll be able to preserve your capital and you won’t have to retain expensive expertise to manage an in-house facility. In addition, your IT staff can focus entirely on core initiatives instead of managing a data center.

Although data center colocation makes sense for many companies, how do you evaluate different solutions? What are your provider’s strengths and weaknesses relative to your requirements?

Here’s a list of the five questions your data center colocation service provider must answer today:

  1. How is Cooling Handled in the Data Center?

You need to know the specific techniques and technologies your provider uses to cool the data center. Like power, cooling is critical for maintaining high performance levels.

It’s important to learn how air flow is managed to reduce the risk of equipment damage and improve server performance. How does the provider prevent the hot air expelled from IT equipment from recirculating in the facility?

Several methods are used to improve cooling efficiency. Examples include raised flooring, hot/cold aisle containment, in-row cooling units, hybrid technologies and more.

  1. How Does the Data Center’s Power Capabilities Reduce or Eliminate Downtime?

A critical consideration is how the provider protects against power outages. Most businesses cannot afford to experience even a short amount of downtime.

Therefore, you need to match your power requirements to the provider’s capabilities. For example, will you have an adequate amount of power per rack? What’s the configuration for redundant power? Are there single points of failure in the data center design?

  1. What Physical Security Measures Are In Place?

Many businesses cannot provide the same level of security that’s offered in top-tier data center colocation facilities. Strict access controls and sophisticated monitoring systems protect the facility from unauthorized access. And, physical barriers keep out intruders who may want to cause harm.

  1. What Amenities Does the Data Center Offer?

Given the amount of time your IT staff spends in the facility, you want them to have access to certain amenities that will ensure their comfort and productivity. They need a work space, phones, network connectivity, and meeting rooms. Access to a kitchen and lounge can also make a big difference.

  1. What Factors Influence Data Center Colocation Pricing?

Power makes up a huge part of a data center’s operating cost. Therefore, the cost of power to the provider will impact data center colocation pricing significantly. In addition, data center colocation pricing is typically higher in large cities, such as New York and Boston, due to high real estate prices and staffing costs.

By asking these five questions, you’ll be able to analyze the differences in data center colocation solutions. Even slight differences can impact performance in a major way. With the right answers, you’ll be well positioned to increase your return on your investment.

FairPoint’s data centers provide organizations with network connectivity and rack space in physically secure, reliable locations. Businesses can use this space as primary or secondary data center sites. In addition, data center colocation space can also be employed as an essential part of a comprehensive disaster recovery strategy. FairPoint’s data centers are strictly controlled environments with essential power, cooling, connectivity and security features – including continuous video monitoring and keycard access at ingress points.

For data center colocation services that address your remote storage, off-site IT and disaster recovery requirements, call FairPoint Data Center Services (1.866.984.4001) or visit

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