What is Data Center Colocation?

Data center colocation usually involves licensing space for your IT infrastructure in a provider’s data center. You house your servers and other computing equipment in the provider’s facility for a predictable monthly operating expense. In addition to space in the data center facility, you access power, cooling, connectivity, physical security and other capabilities. Data center colocation providers typically license space in their facility by the rack, cabinet, cage or room.

A main driver for selecting a data center colocation model is lower costs. Building, managing and maintaining a company-owned data center requires a significant capital expenditure. Comparatively, data center colocation requires no huge capital outlay or specific expertise in data center design and management. As a result, more and more businesses of all sizes are deciding not to build a proprietary data center and are instead turning to data center colocation.

By housing your IT operations in a professionally built and managed data center, you benefit from:

  • A single, predictable monthly operating expense
  • An advanced facility many businesses could not afford to build
  • A staff of facility experts managing, monitoring and upgrading the facility
  • High levels of power redundancy to ensure maximum availability and reliability
  • The flexibility to scale up and down as business requirements dictate
  • Greater resistance to natural and human-caused disasters
  • Potentially lower network latency and more economical connectivity solutions
  • The ability to focus on the core business

FairPoint’s data centers provide organizations with network connectivity and rack space in physically secure, reliable locations. Businesses can use this space as primary or secondary data center sites. In addition, data center colocation space can also be employed as an essential part of a comprehensive disaster recovery strategy. FairPoint’s data centers are strictly controlled environments with essential power, cooling, connectivity and security features – including continuous video monitoring and keycard access at ingress points.

For data center colocation services that address your remote storage, off-site IT and disaster recovery requirements, call FairPoint Data Center Services (1.866.984.4001) or visit www.fairpoint.com/businessclassdatacenter.

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