Top Five Benefits of Data Center Colocation

FairPoint Communications has just released a new resource. Titled “Top Five Benefits of Data Center Colocation,” this white paper is available for download today!

Every business will have different requirements for outsourcing their data center services. However, several reasons regularly top the list. For example, cost, security, scalability, cloud migration and disaster recovery are meaningful advantages derived from outsourcing that most businesses just can’t ignore.

Based on these top five benefits, the white paper discusses the following topics:

  • Data Center Colocation Offers a Cost-Effective Approach for IT Expansion
  • Data Center Colocation Addresses Physical Security Requirements
  • Scalability in Data Center Colocation Models Allows Business to Expand Easily
  • Data Center Colocation Provides both an Alternative and Bridge to Cloud Migration
  • Data Center Colocation – An Essential Part of an Effective Disaster Recovery Strategy
  • Why FairPoint?

Migrating to a data center colocation model has become an increasingly popular strategy in recent years. Businesses of all types and sizes reap the benefits of licensing space in advanced data center facilities.  They gain access to a wide variety of capabilities, including power, cooling, physical security connectivity. Data center colocation offers an attractive alternative to investing significant capital into a company-owned data center.

To access your copy of “Top Five Benefits of Data Center Colocation” visit here. Also, check out FairPoint’s website for more information on data center providers and colocation services.

FairPoint Communications

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